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                                                           Nature Connection Inside and Out

                                     Connecting People with Nature

                          With Each Other
                         And with Themselves
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Out Side in Nature

2021 Summer  Camp @ Tara Firma Farms

Nature Connection Adventures for

Happy, Free Range, Feral Kids 7 to 12

Monday -  Fridays

Nature Nook in the Old Barn @ Tara Firma Farms

3796 I Street Ext, Petaluma, Ca

June 7-11

June 21-25 OWL Camp*

July 5-9

July 12-16 Owl Camp*

July 26-30

August 9-13

9:00am Drop Off

3:00pm Pick Up

*Owl Camp*3:00pm to 9:pm, 10 yrs & older*

Tuition: $350.00/5days per child. 
Drop-in $75.00 per day. 
$75.00 Deposit with Registration Forms
Please call for Drop-In availability.
Peter Bergen  

Deep Nature Connection

Transformational Journey for Children and Adults

 The OSIN DNC Programs are designed
to reconnect you and your child with Nature.
It offers the opportunity to forge lasting
personal relationships with all aspects of the
Natural World in a healthy, fun, and regenerative way.
You will deepen these relationships through core routines
of awareness, tracking
and bird language,
along with hands on skills and crafts.
 They will have fun getting wet, dirty,

muddy, cold, and tired as well as enjoy the
warm breezes and comfortable coastal climate.

All activities will be playful and safe while challenging
 adults and children
and stretching your ‘comfort zone’.

Here is just some of what your child will experience on our adventures:
Competence and awareness building around safety,
and hazards in nature.Confidence building experiences,
 deepened communication skills, teamwork and collaboration,
inner strength and self worth,Tree climbing, rock hopping,
tide pooling, general mucking around and mystery solving
Tracking animals, and finding them, making track casts,
 learning where animals live, what they eat,
what eats them, where animals hide from people.

Discovering what plants you can and cannot eat,
and what plants can be used for medicine and first aid.
Wandering and timeless exploration in forest and field
Music, singing and storytelling

Survival Skills such as, shelter-building, primitive fire-making
and other ‘earth living skills’
River, creek, pond and ocean exploration
Listening for and understanding the language of the birds,
and the forest, as all the other animals do.

Lots of Games, mimicking animals, hide and seek,
Running, hiking, play and laughter   
Awareness of natural cycles such as, seasonal changes,
 decomposition, phases of the moon, weather etc.

Identifying  hazards, locating edible and medicinal plants,
recognizing animal track and sign, practicing primitive skills, like fire by friction, shelter building, playing awareness games that awaken the senses, sharing stories, music, interpreting the language of the birds,
 and more....

 What is Dirt Time?

We will explore the Land and the Natural World in a
hands on experiential way. Developing  and enhancing personal relationships with the elements of the land. Along the way,
we will discover our edges of awareness and knowledge of place,
as we expand our comfort zones in safe and playful ways .

“Dirt Time”
looks like unstructured play, in the structured container of the
8 Shields Mentoring Model, often referred to as the "Invisible school"

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