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                                                                         Nature Connection Inside and Out

                                                                                             Connecting people with Nature

                                                                     With each other
                                                                       And with themselves

Programs  & Events                                                            
Indigenous Technologies: Our Ancestral Skills Series:       Spring & Summer skill, time/date TBA

Out Side in Nature Spring & Summer Adventures                March  through August

Bird Language Events:
                                                                                    Point Reyes National Seashore Association
PRNSA Bird Language Sign Up 
                                                                                   Muir Woods Nat Monument TBA

Bull Session in the Barn: Shinrin-yoku                   April & May TBA                                                    


Bull Session in The Barn

Growing Community One Potluck at a Time.
Come join us as we share good food, great stories, and amazing people.
Next Bull Session
    April and May , 2015

Tara Firma Farms, Petaluma Ca.

Out Side in Nature


Bull Session Information
Inviting: Nature Families & Farming Friends,
 Community Stakeholders, Cultural Creatives, Visionaries,
Parents of free range, homegrown, organic, feral kids, Innocent Bystanders, and most importantly ...YOU!

  April & May , 2015

  Tara Firma Farms
             3796 I Street Ext.
            Petaluma, Ca 94952
When: Saturday, October 4, 2014

  Community Open Mike:     5:15 ~ 5:30pm
Community Potluck :        5:30~ 7:00pm

Zero Waste Event 
BYO Cup, Plate & Utensils

Guest Speaker: 7:00 ~ 8:30pm

Suggested Donation $10 ~$20

Come Early and visit the
Farm and Store.  
Rain or Shine
Please RSVP ........To Help with Parking....Please Carpool Thanks

Presented by:
Out Side In Nature
 OSIN Summer Camps 
@ Tara Firma Farms

OSIN Camp Adventure Dates:
All Camps: 9am Drop Off - 3pm Pick Up

To Register for all camps Email pjbergen@yahoo.com and/or call 707 225 2404
Please tell me the camp week(s) you are interested in, child's age, and name of "Buddy."
Maximum kids in all camps is 12, some weeks will fill quickly.
Thanks, Peter
Out Side in Nature's
 Fall Camp Adventures:
All Camps: 9am Drop Off - 3pm Pick Up
Here is just some of what your child will experience on our adventures
•    Competence and awareness  around safety, and hazards in nature, farm, and home.
      •     Confidence building experiences, deepened communication skills, teamwork & collaboration.
    •    Tree climbing, rock hopping,  general mucking around and mystery solving
    •    Tracking animals, and finding them, making track casts, learning where animals live, what they eat,what eats them, where animals hide from people.
    •    Farm animals, Cattle, pigs, chickens, and eggs. Observing their behavior,
          relationship to each other    and native plants and animals.
    •    Discovering what plants you can and can't eat, what plants can be used for medicine/ first aid.
    •    Wandering and timeless exploration in forest and field
    •    Music, singing and storytelling
    •    Survival Skills such as, shelter-building, primitive fire-making and other ‘earth living skills’
    •    Watershed, Creek, and pond,  exploration
    •    Listening for and understanding the language of the birds, &  forest, as  the other animals do.
    •    Lots of Games, mimicking animals, hide and seek, camouflage
    •    Running, hiking, play and laughter
    •    Awareness of natural cycles, seasonal changes, decomposition,
moon phases , weather etc.

Kids need backpack, water bottle, snack, and lunch.
Also layered cloths/rain gear that can be carried hands free.
Optional knife (Straight blade or locking blade ONLY.)
Kids will be Knife Certified by staff before using knife.
Participant agreement and medical release completed.

OSIN   Camps
Summer Camps 2017 Dates 
to be posted March 26,2017
Thanks for your patience

Tuition: $300.00/5days per child.
Drop-in $65.00 per day.
$50.00 Deposit with Registration Forms
Please call for Drop-In availability.

  Look forward to seeing you all at the Farm..

Nature Nook in the Old Barn
Tara Firma Farms
3796 I Street Ext
Petaluma, Ca

Peter Bergen
707 225 2404

Please contact Peter for more details, pjbergen@yahoo.com Thanks.

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